BAB Objectives

  • Work with the CBB and all banks to protect the reputation of the banking sectors through the pursuit of full transparency by implementing Internal and International Banking rules.
  • Closely cooperate with the CBB and all banks to highlight the Kingdom of Bahrain as a regional financial and global center.
  • Promote the interests of banks in Bahrain at both local and international levels.
  • Coordinate with CBB and other authorities on matters relating to laws and regulations and banks’ policies.
  • Promote best practices for the banking industry.
  • Support and strengthen the training programs and vocational restructuring in the banking sector.
  • Act as a forum and a means of communication between the member banks and other parties on matters and issues of concern to the banking sector.
  • Develop strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the standing and reputation of Bahrain in the banking sector at the global level.
  • Strengthen the links between executives in the banking sector through the formation of specialized committees, the membership of stakeholders and specialization of different banks.

BAB Focus

The Association aims to protect and advocate the interests of the industry by working towards the Kingdom of Bahrain being:

  • An investment friendly jurisdiction that promotes competition, diversification and innovation
  • A cost effective environment to deliver customer focused Financial Services
  • A strong and stable industry with a respected regulatory regime
  • A magnet for talent, reinforcing Financial Services as an employer of choice

The Association delivers its key aims through:

  • Lobbying the Government and Regulators as the Voice of the industry
  • Conducting research that supports innovation and growth
  • Promoting awareness of the importance of Financial Services to Bahrain’s economy

In addition, fifteen permanent committees were established in order to give deeper and more comprehensive institutional dimension for the activities and functions of the association and allow for greater participation from all members of the association to enable the association of perform its functions.

  • AML & Compliance Committee
  • Assets & Wealth Management Committee
  • Business Continuity Committee
  • Communications & Marketing Committee
  • Credit Risk Management Committee
  • Cyber Security Committee
  • Digitization Standard Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • International Standards Committee
  • Islamic Banking Committee
  • Legal Framework Committee
  • Retail & Investment Banking Committee
  • Sustainable Finance Committee
  • Technical Sharia Standards Committee
  • Treasurers Committee

BAB’s Regional and International Role

BAB not only limits itself on the local level but also aims to expand its role in the GCC and worldwide.

One of our successful projects is the implementation of the GCC Banks Federation. On the other hand, it is creating a professional relationship with all International Banks Associations and Federations to provide more business opportunities for our members.