Benefit presents three-year strategy roadmapBanking for a Greener Bahrain:

Benefit presents three-year strategy roadmapBanking for a Greener Bahrain: BAB Champions National Responsibility, Backs Planting Trees Initiative near Financial HarbourBenefit presents three-year strategy roadmap.

In collaboration with the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB), the National Initiative for the Development of the Agricultural Sector successfully executed a project aimed at afforesting two streets near the Financial Harbor. This initiative aligns with national strategies to bolster green spaces and counter the adverse impacts of climate change.

The afforestation ceremony, a significant milestone in this endeavor, took place in the Capital Governorate. The event was graced by the presence of The National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) Secretary-General Her Excellency Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa, along with Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, the CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks, and several high-ranking officials from financial and banking institutions supporting the afforestation project.

Throughout the ceremony, the campaign’s objectives were reviewed, shedding light on the locations targeted in the third phase. The positive outcomes stemming from intensified afforestation operations were highlighted, emphasizing the environmental benefits across various regions in the Kingdom. The concerted efforts also aim to counteract the effects of rising carbon emissions, thereby improving air quality and expanding the green footprint in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Her Excellency Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa conveyed her sincere appreciation and pride for the successful collaboration with the Bahrain Association of Banks. This collaboration materialized in the collective support of 15 banks, contributing to the afforestation of two streets in the capital, Manama. The project involved planting a variety of perennial and flowering trees known for their rapid growth, sustainability, minimal leaf fall, and resilience to climatic conditions.

Her Excellency Shaikha Maram emphasized the significance of the financial institutions’ response to the national afforestation campaign, “Forever Green,” as a demonstration of their responsible patriotism and commitment to community partnership. This underscores the financial sector’s active role in supporting environmental protection initiatives within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks, underscored the eagerness of financial and banking institutions in Bahrain to contribute to this pivotal national project. He highlighted their commitment to environmental, social, and governance standards (ESG), emphasizing the integral role of the banking sector in supporting development efforts across various domains in the Kingdom.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the Bahrain Association of Banks, Dr. Al Qassim commended the swift response of member banks to the call for support, noting that such positive engagement is consistent with the ongoing commitment of Bahraini banking and financial institutions to development initiatives within the Kingdom.

The afforestation project near Financial Harbour received robust backing from prominent institutions including BBK, NBB, Ithmaar Bank, United Gulf Bank, Arab Bank, ila Bank, Ahli United Bank, Bank of Khartoum, Habib Bank, Al Baraka Bank, Kuwait Finance House, HSBC, Eskan Bank, and GFH Financial Group.

On the sidelines of the event, Mrs. Zain Al Zayani, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at BBK, highlighted that BBK’s involvement in the afforestation project near the Financial Harbour aligns with its commitment to backing the national afforestation campaign, “Forever green,” initiated in October 2021. She emphasized the campaign’s significance in restoring environmental balance and enhancing the quality of life in a clean and sustainable environment. This aligns with BBK’s objectives in adhering to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Mr. Mohammed Abu Saqr, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Ahli United Bank, expressed the bank’s support for the “Forever Green” campaign as a testament to its dedication to various national initiatives aimed at enhancing the environmental landscape. The bank’s commitment extends to promoting agriculture in urban spaces such as streets, intersections, public squares, and new projects, fostering a culture of environmental preservation within the community, increasing green spaces, and enhancing the environmental outlook in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mr. Ahmed Darwish, CEO of BOK International Bank – Bahrain, the first international branch of Bank of Khartoum, emphasized that their contribution to the national afforestation campaign reflects a profound appreciation for the role of social responsibility in fostering the growth and development of societies. He highlighted the importance of consolidating a culture of environmental protection, reducing the impacts of climate change, strengthening community partnerships between civil society organizations and other stakeholders, and encouraging collective responsibility towards the environment.

Mrs. Fatema Al Jahromi, Vice President of Internal Audit and Quality Assurance at United Gulf Bank, emphasized the bank’s commitment to supporting high-quality community programs and initiatives. She highlighted the importance of enhancing partnerships to address environmental challenges, improve the quality of the environment, increase green spaces in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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