Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association is on a corporate basis. Any financial institution licensed as a Bank by the Central Bank of Bahrain is eligible to become a Member Bank. The Chief Executive or highest officer of the bank is the nominated representative. Subscription fees are payable yearly in January.

Benefits for Member Banks

  • Proactive participation in decisions affecting the banking community through lobbying, attending meetings, taking part in surveys and polls, or commenting on draft policies and regulations from government bodies.
  • Receipt of regular circulars and communications on issues and latest developments affecting the banking community.
  • Invitations to attend professional forums and networks, seminars and discussions.
  • Use of the Association premises and boardroom.
  • Assistance and guidance given on business issues and concerns. Member banks are also encouraged to contact the Association which will address common issues of concern at the highest levels of authority.

Not yet a member? Download the Membership Form here …